Does Ayam Brand™ Use Sustainable Palm Oil?

Ayam Brand™ has, for many years, implemented a responsible policy for the use of palm oil, by replacing it, wherever technically possible, by alternative vegetable oils with a healtier nutrient profile. For the few Ayam Brand™ products still using palm oil, our factories only source segregated certified sustainable palm oil of West Malaysia origin.

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Are Ayam Brand™ Products Gluten Free?

Tuna range: the ingredients are gluten free. Our tuna factory has an organization that actively prevents allergen cross-contamination.

We also do random checks on our products to ensure that our products do not have various types of allergen cross-contamination. However as we do not make such public claims for this range of products, we currently do not have a systematic allergen control and gluten free certification.

Where Do Your Fishes Come From?

Our sardines are exclusively of the Sardinops or Genus Sardina species from the North-Western and Eastern Pacific waters, Southern waters of the Indian Ocean and North-Western Atlantic waters. Mackerels are exclusively of the Scomber species, caught mainly in the North Atlantic Ocean, North-Western Pacific waters and Eastern Pacific waters.

By selecting these fatty blue fishes that live in cold sea waters, we make sure our products are rich in "healthy fats" including DHA & EPA, the most beneficial Omega-3.

What No Added MSG Means?

Monosodium glutamate is flavour enhancer because it balances, blends and rounds the total perception of other tastes. You can find it under the food addictive E621. But if the recipe is good and the ingredietns are fresh, what is the point of having added MSG? Ayam Brand™ canned food is guaranteed without added MSG to provide you with only the best recipe.

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