Must-have measuring tools in your kitchen

Love to bake? Here are some tools that you should have in the kitchen and how to store them.


1. Kitchen scales
Keep a set of kitchen scales handy. They are invaluable for fast and accurate weighing, and they'll help ensure your recipe always work. If possible, get a digital version as they are more accurate.


How to store kitchen scales: Kitchen scales are suitable to store on the kitchen counter but keep it away from heat. If you do not have space on your counter and need to keep it in the cabinet, make sure that you do not put it under anything that is heavy as it might ruin the scale.


2. Measuring cups and spoons
To measure liquids and dry food, such as water, milk, flour or sugar, there's nothing better than a nest of measuring cups and spoons. Buy two sets: one for liquid and one for everything else. Having two sets will also save you from washing frequently as you follow your recipes.


How to store measuring tools: A designated box container can help you organise the tools as they tend to be small and loose.


3. Timer
Having a timer equals no more waiting in front of the stove or oven for your dish to finish cooking. This means you can do something else without running the risk of forgetting you have something on the stove.


How to store measuring tools: If you plan to only use for baking, we recommend storing it together with the baking dishes or on top of the oven.

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