5 ways to reduce dust naturally

1. Declutter
The less things you have, the less dusty your home will be! The best way to reduce dust-build up is to prevent it. Spring clean your house and donate things that you do not need.


2. Minimize and box your clothing
Your clothing cabinet is full of unseen tiny fibres from clothes, towels and bedding. Choose clear plastic boxes or bags to store fabrics that you are not using as they help contain the fibres while letting you see what is inside.


3. Clean carpets and cushion regularly
Carpets and cushions are dust haven as its fibres absorb dust like a sponge. Vacuuming it often helps reduce dust. It is also best to air it out and let it soak in the sun.


4. Change your bedsheets and pillow cases weekly
You might not realise that your bedding collects skin that you shed and release dust into the air every time you roll over. To minimise dust, wash your beddings weekly.


5. Keep indoor plants
A growing number of studies shows that plants can reduce dust particles and contaminant. Plants such Peace lilies can help clear at the air of cigarette smoke whereas the Chinese Evergreen plant are known to filter toxic gasses such as ammonia, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

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