Keep your fridge organised and fresh

1. Don't overload your fridge
To keep food fresh for longer, cold air need to be able to circulate freely in your fridge.


2. Position your fridge away from heat
Your fridge should be put away from direct sunlight and appliances that generate heat such as an oven and also the stove.


3. Create a 'leftover zone'
Reserve a 'leftover zone' in your fridge for example one of the shelves higher up to place all unfinished food. This way, they are more likely to be eaten and you'll avoid discovering containers of spoiled food.


4. Keep food fresh with baking soda, lime and pandan leaves
• To absorb bad odour, keep an open of baking soda or sliced lime.
• Change regularly to keep your fridge smelling fresh.
• You can also put knotted pandan leaves in the fridge; it gives your fridge a pleasant smell!


5. Avoid putting eggs in the eggs compartment
Eggs stay fresh longer in their box on of the shelves than in the egg compartment. Besides, eggs in their box and covered with lid will prevent the transfer of odours through the egg's porous shell.

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