Boiled eggs are delicious with Sardines Laksa or even a sandwich. Here are 2 hassle-free tips to peel those boiled eggs:


1. Peel it when it cools down


  • Hard boiled eggs are difficult to peel mostly because they are hot.
  • To make peeling easier, wait for the egg to cool down.
  • If you are in a rush, cool down the egg by putting it in a container of cold water.


2. Peel cracked egg in a bowl of water

  • Firstly, crack the egg shell by gently knocking it on a hard surface.
  • Then, using the palm, roll it on a hard surface white giving a little pressure.


  • The shell should crack, forming a web of broken shells.
  • Lastly, submerge egg in a bowl of warm water and peel of the egg.
  • The shell should slip off in less than a second.


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