tuna congee



• 1 150g can Ayam Brand Tuna in Organic Olive Oil
• 200g uncooked fragrant rice, washed and drained
• ½ tbsp salt
• 2 tsp minced ginger


• ½ can tuna omega 3
• 1 tbsp garlic, chopped
• 3 tsp minced ginger
• 3 tbsp oyster sauce
• 1 tbsp light soy sauce
• 2 stalks spring onions, sliced



1. Wash rice and drain. Mix with 1/2 oil from can and leave to marinate for 10 minutes.
2. Fry tuna from the first half can with ginger until fragrant. Add this tuna mixture into rice.
3. Boil rice with 2.5 litres water until it becomes a thick porridge. This should take about 30-40 minutes over medium heat.
4. For topping, heat the remaining oil from the can and fry garlic till fragrant. Add the remaining tuna from the can and the rest of the seasoning. Cook for 3 minutes and season to taste with oyster sauce.
5. Serve the porridge with a spoonful of topping.

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