Ayam Brand Community Care Campaign x 130th Anniversary

Ayam Brand Community Care Campaign x 130th Anniversary

 Kuala Lumpur, 16 December 2022 – Ayam Brand recently hosted 55 children from 11 non-profit organisations including orphanages to equip them with skills on how to prepare nutritious meals, as an extension of its annual Ayam Brand Community Care Campaign and its 130th anniversary celebration this year. The community care event is the brand’s 15th consecutive year of giving back to the society. The community outreach titled “Taste of Comfort” gave underprivileged children the opportunity to learn all about healthy eating and how they can create dishes filled with nutrition and comforting flavours using

Ayam Brand’s quality canned food that have no preservatives, no added MSG, trans fat, and additives. “This year, Ayam Brand celebrated our 130 years milestone by offering Malaysians healthy meal options with our wide range of products, and we wanted to also ensure that we provided the underprivileged the same access to healthy food. We truly believe that healthy children and individuals are key to building a thriving society and an even stronger nation. Hence, this time we are empowering more kids with the knowledge of healthy eating, and equipping them with the lifelong skill of creating nutritious meals for
themselves,” shared A Clouet & Co. (KL) Marketing Manager, Teoh Wei Ling.

To bring out the message of healthy eating, Ayam Brand teamed up with food entrepreneur and TV personality, Chef Ili Sulaiman, who led the children in a cooking workshop that taught about the
importance of a balanced diet. Through simple demonstrations, the children learnt how they can create their own nutritious meals like D-I-Y Comfort Pizza with ingredients such as Ayam Brand’s saba fish and
tuna for their supply of omega 3. They also learnt to create Tropical Fruit Smoothie Bowls which they can replicate on their own at home using Ayam Brand’s products.

“Cooking is a skill that anyone can learn no matter your age. I’m honoured to partner with Ayam Brand and have the opportunity to educate children about healthy meals and inspire them to unlock their creativity when it comes to cooking. I believe this will be a skill that will follow them everyday for the rest of their lives,” shared Ili.

The community outreach event saw orphans from Fungates Superflow Foundation, Precious Gem Home, Trinity Children Home, Yayasan Sunbeams Home, Rumah Charis, House of Joy, Rumah Bakti Al-Kausar,
Rumah Shalom, Pusat Jagaan Anbe Sivam, Ti – Ratana, and Rumah Kebajikan Anbu Illam learning how to cook easy-to-prepare and delicious meals in a workshop led by Chef Ili. The children were also taught
values such as teamwork through interactive games.

“Children are the next generation of leaders who will play a crucial role in shaping the future of our country. As a brand that has been journeying with Malaysians from generation to generation for the past century, Ayam Brand aims to continue serving all Malaysians including the underprivileged children to help them reach their full potential, starting with building healthy eating habits,” added Teoh Wei Ling.

To further enable each home to create healthy meals for the children, Ayam Brand also donated two months’ worth of Ayam Brand food products to the 11 participating organisations and invited the children
to discover more local recipes by downloading the “130-Years of Homely Goodness” e-recipe book from Ayam Brand Website  as inspiration to get creative in the kitchen with Ayam
Brand’s wide range of food products.

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