No Mercury Worry! Ayam Brand™ selects only small size fishes from two species of tuna; skipjack and small yellowfin. Because the selected tuna are relatively small, they are naturally unlikely to have concentrate mercury like big size predators.

    • 纤小细嫩美乃滋金枪鱼附加洋葱
    • 小孩最爱
    • 160克 (此产品也备有95克净重的包装,但却仅限于东马销售)
    • 纤小细嫩微辣美乃滋金枪鱼
    • 体验微辣美乃滋金枪鱼的味道chilli
    • 160克
    • 纤小细嫩香辣美乃滋金枪鱼
    • 体验香辣金枪鱼的味道!chillichilli
    • 160克


    • 美味天然美乃滋金枪鱼和腌渍蔬菜
    • 30%降低脂肪
    • 160克

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