No Mercury Worry! Ayam Brand™ selects only small size fishes from two species of tuna; skipjack and small yellowfin. Because the selected tuna are relatively small, they are naturally unlikely to have concentrate mercury like big size predators.

Tuna Chunks in Water
    • 金枪鱼,水和盐
    • 低脂肪. 脂肪偏低的高蛋白质食物
    • 适合健身爱好者
    • 150克
    • 矿泉水浸金枪鱼块,无添加盐。
    • 低脂肪和钠。最适合体重管理的你。
    • 脂肪偏低的高蛋白质食物
    • 150克
    • 纤小细嫩金枪鱼片* - 150克
    • 美味蔬菜汤
    • 比葵花油浸金枪鱼片98%低脂肪

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