ayam percik



1 kg chicken , chopped
5 stalks lemongrass, chopped
2inch galangal, chopped
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
Red chillies 5, seeded
Shallots 4, peeled
Garlic 4 cloves, peeled
4 candlenuts, blended




1. Blend shallots, garlic, candlenuts, seeded red chillies to create a paste. 
2. Add paste in the big pot. Pour Ayam Brand Coconut Milk and bring to boil. Add lemongrass and galangal 
3. Add the chicken in the pot until well coated. Season with salt and sugar if needed. Let it cook for 30 minutes. 
4. Remove the chicken from the pot and place them on oven tray. Keep the remaining gravy. 
5. Grill in the oven for 10 minutes. 
6. Stir the remaining gravy in the pot until it thickens. Place in a bowl. 
7. Serve chicken with the gravy on side or pour the gravy over the chicken. 


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