3 ways to clean your blender easily

Tip #1: Soak blender in water
If you don't plan to clean your blender immediately, soak the bowl in water to prevent food from sticking onto the machine.


Tip #2: Blend it in soapy water
Fill half of the blender with water, add a few squirt of dish washing liquid, cover the blender with a cap and press button to blend. The blending motion of the machine will do the cleaning for you! Remember not to overload the blender with soapy water to prevent it from flowing out.


Tip #3: Use a long brush to scrub stubborn stain at the bottom of the blender
If you prefer the traditional way of scrubbing your blender until it is throughly clear and sparkly, you can use a long-handle brush to tackle the bottom of the blender. That is where food normally get stuck and difficult to be removed by hands.

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