Delicious Olive Oil Collection!


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Feb 2016



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The Olive Oil Collection!


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 Sardines and Tuna immersed in pure 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil! 


 Click to learn more: 

Tuna   Sardines 



Ways To enjoy the Olive Oil Range



Here are some delicious ideas:


Steam or Bake It

 oliveoil 3


Use the olive oil from the can to add flavour to your ingredients. We suggest mixing ginger with Olive Oil to make a paste like our Steamed Sardines recipe. 


Stir Fry

 oliveoil 2


You can also use the olive oil to lightly stir fry your dishes! Not only is Olive Oil a healthy cooking oil alternative, it can also add fragrant to your dish. Just like this Thai Stir Fry Sardines recipe


Click here for more recipe ideas. Of course, you can also enjoy them straight from the can!


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